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The product uses the wind to determine the bucket selection and there is only one moving part, rendering the unit almost maintenance free.

Key Benefits

  • No electricity or solar panels required to operate

  • Only one moving part

  • Can determine direction dependant fall-out dust.

To find out more about how DustWatch works see our standard procedure for measuring fall-out dust.

See the generic quote that we usually produce for new clients.  Once the particular plant or mine has been investigated then the best set of options can be determined for your particular concern.

Full References:    

Cement Industry - Two 4-bucket and Two 2-bucket units in use

"DustWatch technology was and still is a much more cost effective alternative to conventional dust fall-out monitoring. The service provided by Gkehe in collecting the samples and analyzing the data is of high quality and widely accepted."

Cement Industry - Nine 4-bucket and operational

"We have had a number of DustWatch units on and around our property since early 1999.  The service that we have experienced during this period has been excellent, and we look forward to their continued services in the future.

The units are inexpensive, which means that we could install more than the traditional two or three units normally installed.   This resulted in improved data availability - in short:  Good value for money."


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