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Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide applicable and relevant information, services and products, pertaining to fall-out dust monitoring (dustfall monitoring) and fall-out dust monitoring equipment.

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There are many factors that affect fall-out dust monitoring (dustfall monitoring) levels namely:

  1. Rainfall, because dust is attracted to the water vapour in the atmosphere and it then precipitates along with the rain

  2. Wind, because dust is carried by the wind and will only fall-out when there is absolutely no wind.

  3. Geographical features or any other factor that could influence the rainfall or the wind, for reasons mentioned above.

  4. Pollens and small insects because these add to the dust levels and precipitate out in the same way.

  5. "Dusty activities" (the most influential factors) such as dropping material from a conveyor onto a pile without considering the fall height.  This and countless other activities are necessary in the mining and other industries and the challenge, once dust problems are detected, is to engineer them away.

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Click Here to Read this Article (dustfall monitoring)
This article outlines a practical method of establishing an environmental dust monitoring programme or even an in-depth investigation to establish sources of dust and quantifying the extent of dust fall-out.

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Click Here to Read this Article (dustfall monitoring)
Finally, dust monitoring must be as simple as possible, the 
equipment cost should not be too expensive and the 
cost of running a programme as low as possible. In the 
South African or indeed the African context or other 
developing areas it is vital that as many persons as 
possible can be trained to service and run a monitoring 
programme. A requirement for programmes to be run by
scientists only is just not feasible.  Please contact us to request more information about dust equipment.

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