Air pollution and its impact on your body


This informative video from the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows us how air pollution impacts our bodies; a reminder of how we need to all do our part in stopping air pollution.


Transcript of video – 


“Air pollution – it lurks all around us preying on the young and the old. It slips unnoticed past your defenses and assaults your lungs, heart, and brain. Its deadliest weapons are invisible – poisonous particles that can be as small as a molecule. With every breath, they break through your lung’s protective barriers. There they trigger inflammation as your system tries desperately to fight back. But these tiny intruders penetrate those defenses lodging toxic compounds even deeper – sowing the seeds of cancer. They slide straight into your bloodstream, sabotaging your entire body. They inflame and constrict your blood vessels, increasing blood pressure until one day causing a stroke. The particle prowlers dislodge fatty plaque that may have built up from your diet. They weave clots that can be deadly blockers of blood flow to your heart or brain. With each new case of heart attack, stroke, lung disease or cancer air pollution adds another life to its hit list. Let’s stop this invisible killer.”




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