Dust Monitoring Data

Dust Monitoring Data

Some Dust Monitoring Data that is not Easily Available


Data of miscellaneous substances measured in density as per kg/m3, the substances include soils, metals, woods and liquids.


The data obtained contains all various measurement of the materials or substances stated in this page. Some data that is not easily available is also included.


If you have sweated to find data, then please allow it to be added here. Email us


The only link you will need to convert GPS co-ordinates to the different formats




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Density Data

The specific gravity is calculated using a density of water of 997.6466 kg/m3.
SG = density of substance/997.6466.

Looking at your request in particular


1.  Sand  (See the particle table attached)


2.  An Atom varies in size (see the other two attached pictures).  Oxygen has a diameter of about 1.3 Angstrom (1X10^(-10)  meters).  You could line up 75 million oxygen atoms in a distance of 1 centimeter.


3. Paraffin fume also varies in diameter. But the best approximation would be the C4H10 molecule on the particle size table.  Paraffin is any molecule with the formulae C(n)H(2n+2), with n =4 gives you C4H10.  You can then approximate the diameter by adding the atomic diameters of each molecule, although there would be some inaccuracy as the molecules are not all in a straight line.  Paraffin is usually made up of particles with n = 20 or more.


4.  Size of Coffee Beans: I recommend buying some coffee beans and measuring the size with a ruler.