Dustwatch Generic Report




1 JUNE TO 28 JULY 2018



1     Introduction

This report covers a 57-day period.


The unit design and methodology are based on the ASTM D1739 standard.

Additional information is available in the DustWatch manual.  Please contact us to enquire about the latest version of the manual; chris@dustwatch.com


The area of the bucket used in the calculations is 0.022966m2.


There are three units installed and operating on site.  (GPS positions and a map will be added when they are available)


  • Unit 2 – Evac –
    Unit 3 – Carport –
  • Unit 4 – Francis –


Figure 1:  Location of the units.



2      Comments on the result

There are three single bucket units installed and operational at the site, namely the:

  1. Unit No. 2 – Evac (SB2)
  2. Unit No. 3 – Carport (SB3)
  3. Unit No. 4 – Francis (SB4)


The fall-out dust standards from National Dust Control Regulations, 2013.


Table 1:  Acceptable Dust Fall Rates – National Dust Control Regulations, 2013.


  • The Evac unit yielded 299 mg/m2/day in this period. The result decreased and is compliant in this period.
  • The Carport unit yielded 290 mg/m2/day in this period. The result is not a concern.
  • The Francis unit yielded 290mg/m2/day in this period.


The results are below 1200_mg/m2/day and are not a concern.

Table 2:  Compliance Table 2018



Weather Information – Weather



Table 3: Fallout Dust Results


Table 4: Fallout Dust Results


Table 5: Fallout Dust Results






Calibration and SANAS Information

The calibration is shown to four decimal places of a gram and is accurate to 0.1 mg.






Appendix – Ligno Sulphate Information – Chryso Eco Dust 200D


DustWatch can provide quotations for this product if required and also provide advice on optimized application for different area requirements.  Gravel Roads, Haul Roads, Unpaved open areas, Stockpiles and Berms.  On site advice is available for site specific requirements and optimization.


The application spreadsheet is available here if required.


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